Gracious God Sunday 26th November

Just wanted to share with you that
the guy who I told you about a couple of weeks ago who was disruptive and tried to  pick a with fight me, came to
the service at Edward Eager on Sunday. In fact by God’s grace he arrived just as I was about to preach. He listened and learnt and concentrated intently. I could see this by his responses. Later that
afternoon I returned to the church I attend for a meeting. After the meeting he up with me again.We spent time
together and spoke more about the passage I talked about at Edward Eager Lodge.
He was also sorry for his previous behaviour. I think it  took him a lot of
courage and some alcohol to get over the shame and guilt and return to see me. I
encouraged him that the past is the past and there will always be times like
this but he must remember he will always be welcomed back when he was in the
state of mind he was in on Sunday.
Thanks for your prayers
God is gracious and continues to
work in people even when they are not with us
Next week I am meeting up with Wesley mission, who own Edward Eager Lodge. I will be meeting with the two top people who run Wesley. This meeting has the potential to impact SHUM, I hope  in a good way. Please pray that this meeting will be productive and serve to grow God’s kingdom. Pray also for myself that God will give me wisdom in the way I respond to questions and proposals.

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