Thursday 22nd October 2015

Today was our first
Thursday back after 2 weeks recess. 9 people came including one man who had not
been before.
Interestingly enough
quite a few people came today who had not been for a while. Others will be a
little slower to return as it will take them a while to get back into the
routine of Thursdays.
Unfortunately from
our invites on Tuesday night none were taken up today.
I briefly went to
the Edward Eagar lodge before Bible Study to round up some regulars who may have forgotten about today. However they around so I left a message for them.
Please continue to
pray for the Thursday group  and the people who attend. They need those prayers. Pray that They will
grow in faith in the Lord and realise their consistent need
for Him.
Pray also for a guy
I have just organised accommodation for tonight, he will check this out on
Monday. Pray this works out as the manager, a friend of mine is doing me a
Thanks for your prayers


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