A Peaceful day Thursday 22nd May

Hi everyone,
Today 14 people came through our
doors. One person came very late after we finished. However I still sat and prayed with them over a cup of tea. Another guy
who was not travelling well stayed with us for a while and then left. I
encouraged him to do this as when he is unstable mentally and within a group he
can become aggressive and threatening. Please pray I can continue to sort this out.
Today was an unusually incident free
day. People were even quiet.
Praise God as He continues to bring
people consistently. Pray that God’s word will transform their lives. One new
person came today. I had actually met him before. It was his first time and he came along with one of our regulars.
We also shared communion today.
Please continue to pray for the group
and that people will grow in the Lord.
Thanks for your prayers


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