Tuesday night – last one for June

Hi everyone
Thank you for your prayers.
Last night from our team of 6, 3 people pulled out this was very unusual and left us well
under manned. Our start time is 7pm on Tuesday nights and so I contacted a friend, supporter a regular  participant of SHUM at 6.30pm.
Fortunately he was free and able to help us out and knew what was expected of him.
We had a good night and as usual God was very gracious. Even with 4 of us we managed to pray and have conversations and invites with people.
Interestingly enough God had organised people to come in waves that night and this suited us with fewer people as we were
able to have conversation at times and be busy serving at other times.
Thank and praise the Lord for his provision.
Please pray for one girl that God had moved. She became emotional when I spoke to her and will try and meet us at Edward Eagar Lodge on Sunday.

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2 Responses

  1. Robin says:

    I was thinking about SHUM and the important ministry that happens during the week in the inner city
    You are in my prayers from time to time and i hope to be involved again sometime in the future

    • Michael Tang says:

      Thank you your prayers are appreciated and are more value to us than you realise

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