Thursday 11th February2016

Hi everyone,
Today was a very busy day. This was not just
because of the number of people but because many had issues which they wanted
to talk about before and after today’s Bible study.
14 people came through our doors
today. Two did not stay for Bible study. They came from Edward Eagar Lodge and
it was their first time. We’ll see if they return next week.
Please pray that God will work in
their heart and help them to see their need for Him.
Praise God that even though it was a
very busy hectic day , my wife , was there to chat to people and that God
brought many people together today.   
Please pray for one person who was extremely disgruntled on from Tuesday night because they did get the attention they required. (Tuesday night was very busy)

Pray that God may give her a heart of
forgiveness and repentance and that I may have wisdom to know how to continue
to handle these situations in a Godly manner.
Thanks for your prayers

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