We’re Backkk Thursday 10th October 2013

Thanks for
your prayers. Today is the first week back after a 2 week recess for the group.
9 people attended with a few regulars still being away. There were 3 helpers
today which is great. Thomas who has become a regular and Margaret and Ann who
have been regular helpers for a long time. Lunch was most appreciated and
provided by Rose from the Church I attend.
I want to
praise and thank God today for bringing back a guy who has been lost mentally
for the past 6 months. He was a s regular to all the Bible studies I was
holding for a long time. His thinking and commitment was great he was just as
you or I. However something happened whether he stopped taking medication
coupled with smoking pot mentally he just lost it. He went from stable job and
home and committed believer to homeless and no job and no consistency with
Bible study. Today he stayed for almost the whole session. Praise God who has
answered our prayers.
continue to pray for him.
Today was
relatively peaceful and we also shared in communion

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