Thursday 8th November

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your prayers!
Today again 13 people attended Bible discussion and
another person came to see me after we had finished that person was quite
One guy attended from Tuesday night’s invitation.
Praise God. He enjoyed our group however it sounds like he will be moving on(?)
but wanted to still try and make the Thursdays. Please pray about this as when
people move on they generally do not return unless they return to the city.
Another new guy came from the invitation of one of the guys who attends semi
regularly. He said he was Muslim yet he participated in our discussion which
pointed to Jesus as the only way to salvation. Most likely he was Muslim by
association. He is Lebanese.
Praise God for another guy who attends semi regularly
but has severe mental illness. He arrived at about 11.30 and stayed for the
discussion and until we had finished. He was not causing a commotion or
disturbance as previously has happened. God was gracious and today went
relatively smoothly , well as smooth as things can go. We talked about the
races which happened this week – the Melbourne
cup and the US
presidency and this was a natural progression into today’s study on
Thanks again for your prayers

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