Thursday 22nd September 2016

Hi everyone,
Today 7 people came to Bible study. Although we were smaller in number it was a peaceful meeting
The last month or more one guy has been coming very distraught and angry, making it very difficult for people and he gets angry at others.
Some of the  group then leave when he behaves this way.
Please pray for this man as I was suppose to meet him and take him to see a clinical nurse but after all this organised for him, he was not prepared to go. He needs to as I was hoping to get medication for him.
However clearly I am working harder than he is and he needs to be the one who wants to do this.
Pray that God will change his heart.
Please pray for the bbq/outreach which we will be holding next Thursday at 12pm.
This will be held in Shannon’s reserve Surry Hills.
Pray for good weather and attendance

Thanks for your prayers


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