Thursday 29th June

Hi everyone,

8 people attended Bible studied yesterday. 3 people came who had not been for a while. One of them had not been for over 6 months so it was good to see her.                                                                                                                                                                                      It  was a relatively quiet day without disruption. One guy who comes infrequently and I have known for a number of years is a non believer. However he listens and participates in the discussion and asks questions. He is an intelligent man with many good questions. When he attends he stays the whole time and enjoys his time with us. Sadly the way the church and others have treated him in the past has stayed with him and have left him with some wounds. Although he realises that he is not treated that way when we meet and is thankful for that.

Pray that God will heal this so he can accept Jesus.

Thanks for your prayers


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