Many People Thursday 20th Feb 2014

Hi everyone,
Despite the amount of people who came through the doors today ,
everyone was relatively well behaved. I praise God for this as I am sure he is
aware of the days I am more ready to  handle problems and the days I am not. 
Today12 stayed for people for Bible study. Another 2 came but
something happened and they left even before we served lunch. On top of this another two came (one a regular). The visitor attended service last Sunday at Edward Eagar Lodge. However they could only
stay for lunch and left.  
Thanks for your prayers. You can probably understand now
with this number of people attending and each one with so many issues, why I always request prayer.
Each week some people have been coming from Edward Eagar Lodge, however these few want to stay for lunch only. Pray that God will touch their hearts somehow and they will hear His words..

Thanks Michael

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