Thursday 13th Feb 2014

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your prayers. Today 16 people came through our
doors. Of those 16, 12 stayed for Bible study 1 of who was their first time. I
have in the past week been offered and accepted the role of Chaplain/Pastor at
Edward  Eager Lodge. It was interesting to
note that last week and this week new people came from the Lodge who have never
been before. I am guessing they are coming to possibly  check me out. Last week 2 new
comers attended and this week 3 from Edward Eagar Lodge. Unfortunately the 3
today did not stay for Bible study but were extremely polite. In fact more
polite than the regulars.
I would also appreciate prayer for Sundays and the change of
me being the Pastor there. Pray people will adjust quickly and that I will be
able to handle whatever comes my way there.
Please pray also that I have wisdom in the way I divide my time 
Thanks again for your prayers they are most appreciated


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