Latest News – will need your prayers

Over the past year Wesley Mission and I have been in talks. They have approached me to be the Chaplain at Edward Eager Lodge as the current Pastor their will be relinquishing his duties next year. We are still working out detail about all this. However it is confirmed with Wesley and myself that I will be there. This will begin as part time capacity (probably 2 daysa week) as CPC (my current Church) still requires my services, at least in the interim. Hence I will possibly continue working for CPC probably 1 day a week.
Please pray for wisdom in these areas. There is still much detail to work out including how Thursday Bible study may fit into this.
Wesley has communicated to me that  they  happy for  and want to encourage other people/congregations to take part in the Tuesday night ministry.
Please pray that God will use me to achieve his will in these areas.
If anyone has questions or comments email , sms or phone me.
Thanks again for your prayers.
0417 455 292

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