Thursday Return after Easter

Thanks for your
prayers. We returned to Thursday Bible study this week after recess during Easter.
Today 13 people came
through our doors. Out of these people 3 had not been
It was quite a good
time with people asking questions and it was very evident that God was at work
in their lives.
I had been at Edward
Eagar lodge earlier that morning seeking out 1 person in particular I was
wanted to attend. I
actually found him and was able to encourage him to come which he
I also had an
interesting conversation to one lady who has been coming to Church and bible
study on Sunday and Tuesday.
She said she did not
understand alot of what we discussed at each meeting but was learning and wanted
to join us today, she did.
Praise and thank God
that he continues to work in people’s lives. Pray that they will respond
appropriately with heart felt acceptance of Jesus as Lord.


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