SHUM Begins for 2014

Hi everyone! So begins 2014.
The week started with a great group of people participating in
Shum on Tuesday nights. This was attended well particularly for the first
Tuesday night of the year.
Today also saw the Thursday Bible study group begin. I was unsure
how many people would attend but 13 people attended and 3 of these were new.
Please pray they will return.
Even with this number of people we still had a couple of
regulars away. Thank you for those of you who prayed for the group today. Not
only were they there in number but they were also appeared to be pleased to have returned and
begun Thursday Bible study for the year.
However this changes weekly and your consistent prayers are
greatly appreciated and needed.  God is
always gracious and praise and thanks must go to Him for bringing people along
today and  in a good state of mind.
Pray that God will use me to speak truths about Jesus and
His word to them.
I have been offered a Chaplaincy role At Wesley Mission’s
Edward Eager Lodge. I will be doing this 2 days a week part time and 1 day a
week with CPC. On top of this are my other SHUM responsibilities including
Thursday Bible study group.
This will be a change for both my wife and I as we will be ministering
at  Edward Eager Lodge (EEL) every  Sunday.
Please pray that people will be able to adapt and even
embrace the changes that are occurring at EEL. This phase will  be a testing time for all involved.
Pray that we will minister and  teach faithfully and truthfully.
Pray also that God will work in the hearts of the people
there and that their lives will be transformed. If you have any questions for me please
contact me by mobile or email (
Thanks for your prayers and see you all again soon.


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