Follow up on the man who needed the Ambulance

Two Tuesdays ago A man passed out in front of me. We called the ambulance and by the time the ambulance had arrived he ahd passed out another 3 or 4 times. Speaking with him recently his fainting were due to hearts attacks and when he was in the ambulance he was defibrillated  as his  heart stopped. Last Tuesday during the day he called me and he could find no accommodation so he wanted to travel to Melbourne where he could rent a friends place. I met him later and bought him a train ticket to Melbourne.
We spoke and prayed. I encouraged him to attend a Christian group and Church as his friend it seems is a believer. I emphasised that God had saved  his life for a reason and part of that was to know and be in a relationship with him. He an has understanding of the Bible and Jesus and says he believes.
Please pray for him that he will return to God and renew and or follow up his relationship with the Lord.

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