Welcome Peace Thursday 14th November 2013

Hi everyone
Thanks for
your prayers. They were definitely answered. In comparison to last week, today
was relatively peaceful.
11 people
stayed for Bible Study and this did not include two people who came in and
then left. I will mention more later.
A lady whom
I know, who has not been before. came in but was put off by  a guy I have spoken of previously, who has a very sharp tongue.  She left, after a comment from him. This
happened before our meeting had started. People were sitting around chatting. However
she did say, that mentally she was not going too well  and that’s why she
was leaving. She did not think she could handle any more comments like that.
The other
guy who last week wanted to pick a fight with me did not attend  today. In a way I am thankful as he is still
probably not going well and God is being gracious to me amd the Thursday group
in his absenteeism.
Please also
pray for another guy who attended and then walked out. He used to come very
regularly on Thursdays and Sundays and meet with me . However since then his
mental state of mind has deteriorated. Please pray he will recover and return
to the Lord.  He says he will try and
come on Sunday to meet up with me.
Faithful helpers
today were Margaret, Ann and Thomas. Please thank God for their support
Thanks for
your prayers they definitely make a difference.


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