Unity or Disunity Thursday 18th October 2012

Thanks for
your prayers. Today 8 people attended Bible discussion with one person leaving
before Bible study began. This did not include Marshall, Ann, my wife and
I called one
woman who attends regularly each week. However she was  upset from an argument that transpired on
Tuesday night. She swore a lot in our conversation and I could not convince her
to attend. I offered to pick her up but she would not be in it. Please pray for
reconciliation between her and the other person she had the argument with. The
other person also attends on Thursday semi regularly.
Please pray
for forgiveness and reconciliation in this relationship and that this does not
affect their Thursday attendance.
Praise God also for another woman I had not seen for a while but the last time we met we left not on good terms. Today I saw her crossing the road and invited her to our meeting. She came and we reconciled from the previous conversation we had. 
Please also
pray for one guy who attends on Sunday to have Bible study with me but is
struggling with Thursday. He attends and then someone puts him off and so he
Thanks for
your support.

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