Thursday Biblestudy 9th Feb 2017

Hi everyone,

Thursday Bible study at the Chinese Presbyterian Church has been held for the past two weeks. It would seem as though people know that we have returned and the average attendance has been 10 each week.

One man who has recently joined us and was there for the first time this Thursday I met on Sunday at the Lodge. On Sunday he came the service and Bible study as well. He joined Bible study and participated very well showing a good knowledge of the Bible. He then told me he could not read! I was quite surprised. I said how do you know so much from the Bible . He says he just remembers that and listens when we read through the passage at Bible study.

I asked him where did you learn this from. He said he thinks he remembers it from a time he was in hospital recovering from an accident and a coma, a priest would come in and see him and just read the Bible to him.

God is indeed amazing! Praise God. Please continue to pray for the group                                                                                 Michael

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