Thursday 8th March 2012

Hi all, Thank you for your prayers. On Tuesday night March SHUM began. That night we had a minor altercation between one of the guys and the female who had been camped on CPC’s premises for some time. Both were at Central on Tuesday night and had come to meet with us. On Wednesday night, the guy who was in the altercation called me 3 times. He said he would come on Thursday to Bible study. I knew the female would also come on Thursday and knew that this would create a very tense argumentive time, if both were present. Anyway God was gracious and the guy did not show up on Thursday. 9 people attended on Thursday. This was not including myself, Derek or Ann. It had taken many people over an hour to get into the city due to rain and the rain kept coming till about 2.00pm The female was not in a mentally good state and struggled to stay. She definitely would not come in and sit with the others as she thought that other spiritual forces were working through the others who were there. She believed this was threatening her. Pray for her and that she will return in a better mental state next time. As you can see much prayer is needed for the these people as many forces are against them. Please continue to pray for them. Thanks Michael

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