Thursday 20th September 2012

Hi guys,
Thanks for your prayers.
Today 9 people attended Bible discussion. This was not
including Derek, Ann and myself
A guy (Mr X) who had gone missing lately and who I
have requested pray for has contacted me in the last couple of days and
attended today. Praise God.
This weekend is our Church camp and I am taking two
people with me from the Thursday group. There is also a good chance that one
guy maybe a no show tomorrow so I have asked the Mr X  to meet with us for dinner and if the other
guy does not show he  can take his place.
So what are the chances? I maybe taking 2 or 1 or no
one to the Church camp. In this ministry you need to be flexible. Please pray
about this as I am sure God has this under control.
I have been extremely busy as of late and so Derek led
the Bible study for me today and Ann also again faithfully helped out.
Thanks for your support

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