Thursday 19th Oct 2017

Hi everyone, thanks for your prayers. On Wednesday I held another  funeral service  this went as best as could be expected. The funerals I am involved with are mostly complicated and the family often has many questions surrounding circumstances of death and mental state. This was no different. The lady who had passed away had been dead for 2-3 months before she had been found in her unit.

Its always hard to know how family under this type of stress will respond to hearing about Jesus. Pray that God will work in their lives as they question many things. Pray that what they heard from God’s word may stay with them.

Today there was another funeral. I was not involved in this one except attending. However  this funeral was very large and held at the Church where our Bible study group on Thursday meets.                                                                                                            Lunch was also provided to those attending the funeral service. Our guys for Bible study  came in during this but all went relatively smoothly, praise God.

Today 10 people attended Bible study and this was with a few people away. God was gracious and everyone participated well  in bible study.

Thanks for your prayers, always appreciated and needed.


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