Thursday 19th February

Thanks for your
prayers 11 people came through our doors today.
It was not a
peaceful day. Bible study went ok but after that things began to break
One lady whom was bad mouthing someone else in the group very
loudly and making incorrect
As soon as I corrected her she played the victim saying I don’t
care about her.
She began crying and left
in huff. I could not console her at that time.
I walked outside to
see if I could speak to her and found her talking to one of the neighbours in
the street I know.
I encouraged her to
come with me and we would have a coffee or juice which she wanted and a biscuit.
immediately calmed
down and  was complaining about someone else praying, I told her she can
pray next week.
Its hard to manage
because in a way I gave her what she wanted , ATTENTION.
Although I do thank
God that all worked out ok.
Please continue to
pray for Thursdays and the people who attend, there is no one there without some
sort of issue. Pray that God works in each of them to transform them, including myself.
Thank you for your continued prayer support.


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