Thanks to the June SHUM Team and Thursday Bible study

Thank you also
for your participation at Edward Eagar Lodge. It was great to have you involved.
After the service on Sunday we had a very chaotic time in Bible study. Two people
were mentally unstable that day . One kept coming in and out of Bible study and
being disruptive the other would talk incessantly about anything. This was
unfortunate as one guy who came, a newcomer. was also not well and really
searching for God’s answers to his questions. I did my best to answer his
questions whilst dealing with the other two.
Pray that God
will work in his life and that he will return to participate in Bible study.
Later I then
helped one of the regulars move to new accommodation, as I had found her
another place earlier in the week.
Sunday was
Today 8
people came through our doors for Bible study. However,  two left before Bible study began. One left because
of anxiety issues. This was the smallest number we have had for a long time.
However this was also a blessing as Bible study was good with people
participating. We also shared communion together today.
Pray that
others will return and that God will continue to transform their lives.
Thanks for
your prayers and participation both are necessary for this ministry to


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