Tension and Upsets Thursday 27th Feb 2014

Hi everyone,

Today 12 people attended Thursday
Bible group. However one regular  was
very upset at some abrupt talk that was happening even before we ate lunch. He left immediately.He
is a believer and very sensitive. He is thinking of not returning please pray
for him. 
I then had to encourage everyone to be careful of what they say and be
considerate to each other’s state of mind. Whilst doing this I was  interrupted by another regular and had to stop
him from continuing. He did not like this and left later did not want to talk to
me when I confronted him. He also then left. Pray also that he will calm down and return.
After we finished the study today
one of the workers from Edward Eagar Lodge brought around a guy who amongst
many things was suffering trauma from events in his life. We talked for another
hour or so. You may have heard of a recent train accident at Marrickville
severing the legs of a man. The guy I spoke with today was there pulled the guy
up on the platform and had to turn his body the other way so gravity was not
draining the blood from his legs. He then tied off his legs. Unbelievable! Well
this  guy probably saved his life. Even
more unbelievable is that  this is just
one event of many that have happened to this man causing him great trauma and
of course anxiety. Please pray for him as well. He is wanting to attend
Thursdays group and also meet up on Tuesday for Bible study as well.
Clearly all these people need prayer. So please pray for them
Thanks again, in His service

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