Last Thursday Bible discussion for 2011

Well today was our last meeting of the year. 12 people attended.

I changed the format today and we read through passages and sang songs with me also speaking in between now and then. We also served a chinese lunch with Char-sil bau, sil mai and har gow. Of course this was well received.
I am thankful that Derek has been there all year to help me out. I am just as thankful to my wife Lisa who came to prepare lunch today without any sleep as she worked the night shift at hospital then came with me straight to Church.
A friend of mine from another Church made cookies and her boys wrote up cards for Thursday group members. One was so impressed they rang me tonight at 9.00pm to tell me how great the card was and thank me. I will of course pass this onto my friend.
Thanks for your prayers and please pray for Christmas day that things will run smoothly and God will grant us good conversation and opportunities to share about Jesus.
Thanks Michael

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