A stressful week Thursday 20th March 2014

Hi everyone,
Today was a tough day following  a very tough week. Many incidents occurred this
week for me at Edward Eagar lodge and CPC. 
However as for today one guy came
who has not been well, mentally, all week. He was very disruptive swearing at
people and acting aggressively. He actually did the same with me earlier on
Tuesday afternoon when I met a few people for Bible study. He is a regular and
attends the Bible studies I hold  but
when he is like this he is extremely disruptive to everyone. On Tuesday he was
with me  yelling and insulting the staff
at Edward Eagar Lodge as they walked by. People today were as patient as they
could be with him.
One lady who attends the group suffers from anxiety and
when he spoke to her rudely and aggressively she left immediately.
Please pray  that
he wont be as disruptive on Sunday and will be in a much better state of mind.
When this fellow is thinking properly he is a lovely, faithful person to have
around. But of course this can change on the toss of a coin. Please also pray
that I might have the wisdom and strength to continue to deal with such
for your prayers they are certainly needed


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