A chaotic day Thursday 1st November 2012

Hi everyone
Thanks For your
Today 13
people showed for Bible study. This was not including faithful helper Derek and
myself. Two guys who attended today obviously had  a previous altercation. Unfortunately as soon
as they saw each other they began arguing. One guy left with the other staying.
The one who stayed  was then mentally
unstable being annoying, threatening and irritating during the whole afternoon
even after people had left.
I was able to get him to leave Church calmly without calling the police. Praise
Just before
Bible study began I set down some rules on how we were to speak and treat each
other. Praise God everyone but the guy who was unstable stood by that and were
very patient with him.
I did my
best to stay on track with the Bible discussion whilst in between trying to
contain the other guy who was moving all over the hall. However the group were
quite subdued due to events that had already transpired.
continue to pray for the group that people will learn and grow in Jesus , that
I will teach clearly and that God will control people and their mental state.
In Him

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