A Busy Day – Thursday 9th May 2013

Today 17
people came through the doors. One person came early to see me but had to leave
before we started but we spent time together which was great. Another also left
before we began Bible study. It was a bit of a torrid time with so many people
and trying to keep their interest and attention.
Praise God
that he brought so many people and pray that God will continue work in them so
that their lives maybe transformed.
2 of the
regulars will be travelling overseas for the next month please also pray for
their safety.
Lunch  provided and was more than enough for everyone. Thanks also to helper Margaret form
the church I attend, who I so appreciate particularly on days like today.
As you can imagine dealing with all these people, their
insecurities , their concentration spans, their mental state requires more than
me. It requires God to be at work
So please continue to pray for the group and that the
people who come will come in a good state of mind. Pray also that God’s word
will speak into their hearts and transform their lives


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