Thursday 7th July

Hi everyone,

Today 5 people came to Bible study. One guy came who had not been for months.

A lot of regulars were away unfortunately. Maybe the wet and cold had a hand in that. However this is part of the characteristics of this ministry. 3-4 people have moved away from Edward Eagar Lodge and the area and another couple are also sick and one of those in hospital.

Please pray for the man in hospital he has cancer that is in the palliative stage. I praise God for him though, as in the past couple of months before all this occurred, through his stay at Edward Eagar Lodge and meeting us and attending Bible study and Church, he has come to know and accept Jesus.

He feels at peace if the Lord takes him now. His prayers are mostly for others now and those he knows. Praise God.

Please continue to invite and those you meet on Tuesday night  to Thursdays group or Sundays service and Bible study.

Please also pray for the people who attend Thursdays meetings and that Holy Spirit will work in them to transform them.



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