Thursday 5th Nov 2015

Hi everyone,
Today was a
day when people were away. Quite a few regulars were away sick. Some called me
beforehand that they would not be able to attend. One guy who is the only one
to do this has lunch and leaves before Bible study. At SHUM on Tuesday night we
convinced him to stay for Bible study and he did so today.
Please pray for him and that God convicts him of the importance of reading His word.
Despite all
this 8 people attended Bible study. Bible study was well received today and all
participated in our discussion.
After Bible
study I saw one of our regulars on the street and quickly pulled over to catch
up with him. I had been trying to contact him the over the past two weeks but
with no response. It was good to catch him and encourage him again to attend
and also attend on Sunday.

Please pray
he will attend on Sunday and as the month continues please pray for the
consistency of the group and that God will prompt people to attend.
Thanks for your prayers.

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