Thursday 29th Oct 2015

Hi everyone,
Today 9
people came through our doors. This did not include one person  who arrived right
at the end when we were packing up.
One regular came
today but as usual he did not stay for Bible study. The offer of free coffee and
cake near the lodge is too much for him to pass up. His nephew was also
supposed to be there as I had chased up something for him. Anyway I sent the
particulars on with his Uncle.
We also had
1 new person attend. She is a lady from the Lodge and had come to service on Sunday,
then had Bible study with me on Tuesday and attended today as well praise God!
Please pray
for a few regulars who have now become irregular. They all have been distracted
by other things happening in their lives.
Pray that
they will return.
This is always such a great reminder to use our time wisely with people as we never know when we will see them again.
Please continue to pray for these people to return and for God to prompt their hearts to read His word.
Thanks for your prayers

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