Thursday 5th March 2015

11 people came
through our doors on Thursday.
One guy who has not been for over 5 years came and brought a friend as well. It was his friends first time with us.
Unfortunately another guy who came and can be extremely rude and aggressive was  not travelling well  on Thursday.
He quickly ran into an altercation with the guy who had come for the first time. The new person walked outside and I talked to him and fortunately he came back into join us. 
However it did not stop there. The guy who was being aggressive began being rude to even one of the helpers who help with the lunch.
I suggested it was
time for him to leave and he could come back another day when he is travelling
He made all types of
threats but fortunately knew I also meant business. He left
This happened whilst
we were having Bible study. As soon as  he left I prayed and thankfully God was
gracious enough to allow everyone to clam down.
We continued and
finished Bible study.
Praise and thank God
that he watched over the group on Thursday.
Please continue  to pray for Thursdays and SHUM. As you can see we always can do with prayer.


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