God’s grace even when we do not deserve it Tuesday evening 23rd July

Hi everyone
Tuesday evening- though it has been cold people have still been meeting us on
Tuesday nights. One fellow I met on Tuesday night who was not so familiar with Sydney came straight from
hospital. He was upset and was suppose to meet up with the Mission Beat bus but
was not sure of the meeting point. I calmed and rang mission beat they knew of
him and the bus had been but not found him. I told them where he was and gave
them my contact number and they would send a bus in 20-40 mins.
The man was
grateful and relaxed and we prayed. 5 minutes later whilst talking to him he
blanked out with his eyes open I searched for a pulse and tried to snap him out
of this state. I quickly got someone to ring for an ambulance while I was doing
this. Fortunately he came to. However this happened another 3 or 4 times before
the ambulance arrived. In between time Mission
beat also arrived.

By God’s
grace the ambulance arrived and the man was taken to hospital. He is ok and has
since been discharged.
Praise God for he watches over us constantly

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