Thursday 27th April

Hi everyone,

Thanks to the April SHUM team  for your prayers and for participating in SHUM in April. I hope that you found your time well spent and that you were challenged and also learnt about yourself and God.

Today was an interesting day it was our return after Easter. 8 people came through our doors and this did not include 4 girl school students and Edward Eagar Lodge’s activity co-ordinator.

Two people  had an argument today during lunch one guy  and left after that. He did not want to stay and does not want to return. The other person has a toxic mouth and the guy that left  a bit of a temper.

Please pray for both of them and the one who left will come to his senses and return.                                                                       Please also pray that God will provide people to participate in SHUM in May.

Thanks for your prayers, support and participation and hope to see you at SHUM another time.


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