A Difficult Day Thursday 4th April

Today 7 people came to join for lunch and Bible study.  This was less than our normal number of which I thank God for because of the events that unfolded. God in His wisdom clearly knows what is best.                                                                                      Two people who have been arguing and niggling at each other the past month were present. One short comment from one person (Person A) caused the other person (Person B) to snap and react yelling and throwing a bowl of chips and highlighters at that person.  Person A left sobbing and I sent a lady who helps me to go and speak to Person A outside while I handle the anger of Person B inside.                                                                                                                                                                                      We prayed and continued in  Bible study, about 20 minutes later the police arrived. Person A had called the police and was having Person B charged with assault. The police left with Person B who should be out on Friday sometime.                                    Last night I received two phone calls from each person. Person A was wanting me to take their side. Person B rang from ‘lock up ‘ at the police station and was blaming me for the situation because I had let person A attend Bible study.                       This is the consequences of sin, chaos and conflict.

Please pray for the group the people and also myself as I continue to seek and encourage people to attend and make the place where we meet safe. Thanks



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