Thursday 13th Oct 2016

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your prayers. Today 8 people attended Bible study today and at least four of them had not been for a while. Everyone participated well in  Bible study today.

One lady was quite distressed today and left but I followed her and retrieved her . Please pray for her, she whilst believing in the Lord believes the Lord is against her. She was mentally unstable today.

Please pray for her safety and pray she will be there on Sunday as I need to give her an urgent message.

After bible study I had to race to the lodge to give a memorial service for one of the men who has passed away at the lodge. His family attended. Praise God that all went well and no conflicts occurred at the lodge during that time.

After this I went to St Vincents hospital to visit a man I know who is in an induced coma from a ‘coward punch’ . Only recently has he just started to breathe withour life support , praise God. I spent time with him and his brother praying and talking. His brother is a lovely man waiting faithfully by his brothers bedside for him to awake.

Please pray for his recovery.                                                                                                                       Thanks                                                                                                                                                                       Michael

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