Thursday 10th September 2015

Hi everyone,
thank and praise God for today as at least 3 people returned today who had  been straying from the Lord. Another lady came
today who has been away due to a change of accommodation.
12 people
attended Bible study today.
pray for one lady who has been attending regularly on Thursdays and Sundays for
the last two months or more . However in the last week I have not seen her. I
have tried contacting her but her number has changed. Pray that she is safe and
if she has moved away pray that she will find somewhere to fellowship. She was
really learning a lot and changing, it is very sad to not see her there. This I
feel for many people who come and attend the group. Many do get distracted
easily and stop attending.  This even occurs
with those who regularly attend for a number of months.
3 who  just returned I have been texting
and trying to contact them for at least a month in their absence.

Please pray that God
will continue to work in those who attend and change their lives.
In these situations your prayers are priceless.
Thank you

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