Thursday 17th September

was a relatively peaceful day with 8 people attending Bible study. We are
missing quite a few regular people, who are quickly becoming non-regulars.
However God, is still good and  those who were
there participated and listened.
continue to pray for the group as there are those who have been extremely
consistent but are now getting distracted by their old way of
they will and not stray too far from the Lord.
also for a guy on we met Tuesday night who left a plastic  bag with us and clearly thought he had told us to look after this, but did not. I saw the bag thinking it only contained soft drink but apparently it had his wallet and money as well. Someone obviously took this. Needless to say he was not happy and blamed us for that.
that God will provide for him and that he won’t hold this against God nor us.
Pray that God will continue to work in his life and that we may see him again.
As you can see your prayers are invaluable and much prayers are needed.

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