Praise God! Thursday 10th April 2014

Hi everyone.
Thanks for your prayers. Today
things wen t surprisingly  smoothly.
People were in a good state of mind today. They even appreciated each others
One guy who does not speak much
English and had not said anything at all during Bible discussion prayed such a
heart felt prayer, that all present were touched. He prayed thanks that he had
learnt from the study today and prayed forgiveness because I had asked him earlier
what we could pray for him. His reply was to be able to speak better English
and learn more English. After the study he prayed forgiveness for this because
he learnt from the study that money can be an idol but for him its not money but
his English. Praise God who spoke to his heart today.
Another who comes regularly but has times when he is mentally not well
and aggressive, apologised to everyone for his previous behaviour. He said he
enjoyed today immensely. Praise God.
Today 11 people came through our doors
Pray that God and His word will continue to work in the lives of these
people and transform their hearts


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