Easter weekend. Jesus has Risen!

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your prayers. It was my first Easter at Edward Eager Lodge.
It started on Thursday. I thought I would give a talk as people lined up for dinner on Thursday. I made the talk visual only lasting a few minutes. It was pretty well received , in that everyone listened and were surprisingly well behaved. I then invited people to join me in a communion service after dinner. There were probably only about 8 of us for the service but there were those who sat back and listened silently.

Friday I led the service at 10.00 am. At first I thought there would only be about 6 people as many regulars were at other events. However other residents came and sat through the service so by the time I began my sermon /talk there were about 16 people.
After service we then went on a prayer walk around Surry Hills. There were 15-20 of us. This group comprised of people from a few different Churches. We carried a cross on our travels stopping at certain places to pray. This end up at St Michael’s Church where we finished with hot cross buns tea and coffee.

Sunday was normal service at 10.00 am this was well attended over 20 people attended the service to my pleasant surprise. Most of these were residents. It was a joyous day. EEL had also organised easter eggs to be handed out after the service and we also enjoyed a nice lunch generously supplied by one of the workers at EEL.
The highlight of the service is that during my talk someone broke down and wanted to accept Jesus there and then. We prayed for him and again after the service and he joined a few of us for Bible study at 12.
Praise God!
This man had attended the previous Sunday. I had spoke to him but he did not seem that interested.
Pray that God will continue to work in the lives of the people there.
Pray also that God will continue to transform their lives.

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