Hectic at Best

Hi everyone,

The last few weeks have been hectic at best.  At Edward Eagar Lodge we had 2 death the same day. For me this means speaking to families finding out if they need help with the funeral or anything and praying with them at every opportunity. This also involves co-ordination with police , coroner and funeral directors.                                                     Because of the complexity of particularly one of the deaths I was speaking to family and police and hospital everyday until the day of the funeral.                                                                                                                                                                     I organised and finally took and spoke at  both funerals last week Thursday and Friday morning.  At both funerals I also organised some refreshments afterwards.  I thought for the Thursday funeral at 10.30am this would leave me plenty of time to setup for Thursday Bible study at 1pm. However after the funeral people stayed for refeshments  and conversation till 12pm I then had to transport  some of the elderly family members to central station. Whilst this was happening at 12pm , as is so often the case, people for 1pm Bible study started to arrive.                                                I transported the family members and quickly returned, again setting up chairs and lunch and food for Bible study.    We had 9 people attend Bible study and 1 person who had not been since the start of this year has now returned. He had just become a regular in November last year.                                                                                                                     This number of people did not include Edward Eagar lodges Activity co ordinator and 4 girls from a Catholic school who attended our Bible study after we finished lunch.

All in all the day went relatuvely smoothly , praise God and Jesus name was proclaimed and discussed.                  Thanks for your prayers they were of immeasurable assistance



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