Thursday 16th February 2017

Hi everyone,

Today 10 people came through our doors. It was a relatively quiet  day with unfortunately  no one attending from our invitations on Tuesday night.

Please pray for one lady who has returned to the group after being away over a year. Pray she will not be as s rude to others and treat people with contempt. Pray for transformation.

Please also pray for one lady who was crying outside the lodge today and I managed to convince her to come to Bible study and just sit and relax. She did come, please pray that she may return. I think she found it hard to understand bible study and all the talk about Jesus.

Pray that God will work in her life.

Praise God one  guy who was there when I first started the Thursday group  (8 years ago) came for the first time in many years.

Please pray that I can help sort out authority to bank accounts and death certificates needed to be able to arrange a man’s funeral who passed away last Saturday. This elongated process is not only delaying the funeral but stressing the family.

Thanks For your prayers and support


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