God’s grace Thursday 15th August 2013

Today 11
people attended Bible study not including another person who arrived late after
everyone left. I did a short Bible study with him and then we both left.
One guy,
who comes regularly was in a very sorry state today as he got himself
temporarily banned from Edward Eager Lodge. He came today and I encouraged him
to stay and sit in. God was gracious and despite his mental state he sat
through the whole session. Praise God!  Many times in fact he cannot sit in and just
comes and goes when he can handle it and I encourage him to do this.
We also had
communion after Bible study today. He went to sit outside and listened from
there. He felt guilty for his prevous behaviour and did not want to partake in
communion. I encouraged him and took the bread and juice outside where he was
and he ate and drank with us from there. He was very touched and so sorry and
emotional. However he ended up thoroughly enjoying the day and was the last one
to leave.
As I was
driving out the Church I stopped for the traffic and the lady crossing the
street was one who had been to Thursdays and Tuesday’s a couple of times . She
has a very sick daughter. It was hard to recognise her as she was dressed in a
suit like any normal office woman and that’s exactly what she is doing now.
Things are going better for them both. She hopes to catch up with me on a
Tuesday or Thursday. Please pray she has some time to do this.
again for your prayers and praise God as he indeed is very gracious.


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