A Quiet Day Thursday 22nd August

Thanks for
your prayers. On Thursday we were missing many people. 6 showed for Bible study
and two of them were sick with colds. Others had also not come due to illness.
That time of year I guess. However we still had Bible study and for me it was a
welcomed break to the normal business of the afternoon that 10-12 people generally
brings. Not to mention attitudes and state of mind.
continue to pray for the group and continue to encourage and invite people to
attend from Tuesday night.
If you
could pray for one guy he accepted Jesus earlier this year and was meeting
regularly with me but has not been doing so as of late. It seems he is quite
ashamed of his physical appearance as he has put on some weight and this
coupled with his mental state this is preventing him from attending. Satan will use
any means to stop the gospel. Please keep him in your prayers.


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