Early Christmas 29th November 2012

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your prayers today.
10 people turned up for Bible discussion
although a couple of people had to leave in the middle of study. Two new people
attended today. One guy came to know of us through someone else on the street
he had the map that we give out on Tuesday nights in his hand. He enjoyed the
afternoon and is clearly going through some issues. Unfortunately it looks like
he will not be back as he is leaving the area. At least that’s his plan.
Another guy who has been a keen regular for the last couple of years but has really gone wayward as of late, returned today. It
was great to see him. Please pray for him that this will be the beginning of
getting his life back in order.
A friend and supporter of this ministry provided
a fantastic lunch today. It was Christmas early. We had turkey, ham, bread
rolls, salad, coleslaw, potatoe salad and desert. It was great and I am hoping
appreciated by all. My friend also went to the trouble of driving all the food
and containers in.
Big thanks to her and her Bible study friends
for their efforts and concern
Thanks again and please continue to pray for
the group

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