Crisis Week

Hi everyone, Thanks for your prayers. They were really needed. On  Tuesday amongst my normal things I do on Tuesday – run two bible studies , visit patients at St Vincent’s hospital, meet up with staff around Edward Eagar lodge to pray for them, I also had to follow up on the family of  a man who passed away at one of our other facilities. This proved to be an extremely intense exercise from getting contact details which we did not have to police misinformation.

Then on Thursday as I was driving in a fellow who is a believer and consistent in attendance at Bible study and Service, text me to say thanks and he was ending his life. I triedd to call him but he did not answer. I knew he was staying at Edward Eagar lodge and so rang our staff and immediately got them to go to his room.

Fortunately he had not done anything yet and they brought him down stairs into the office, he was in bad shape. I then went straight to see him and after we had conversed and prayed a while, convinced him to come away from the lodge and  come to church where I could place him in a back room to  rest and recuperate and watch over him. He agreed.

This worked out well as I have doona, sheets and pillow  at Church where we meet for Bible study.It is very quiet in the room with no one else around. I set him up and within about 30 seconds he was asleep. He was physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. We checked on him every 20 miutes or so he did not stir.

I then set up for lunch and bible study. Fortunately my wife came with me on Thursday and she had set everything up and welcomed and brought people in. (she knows them all)                                                                                                                                       God was indeed very gracious as I was busy with our suicidal brother.

9 people came to Bible study that day and we were actually missing a couple. However this worked out well as the group ran smoothly. They were actually a little quiet and left me energy to spend with our asleep friend after Bible study and lunch. After we had cleaned and packed up I went to wake him around 3.30pm. He thought he was only asleep for 5 minutes and wanted to know if Bible Study was starting. He arrived around 12.40pm.

We then fed him and we took him to  the chemist to get his pain medication which I am sure was adding to his mental disposition. We then took him back to the lodge and took him to his room to continue resting. He was much better and our staff would now check on him every couple of hours.

Praise God he did not take his life. You will meet this man on Sunday.                                                                                                        Please pray for the family of the man that passed away they are all grieving and in shock.                                                                          Thank God that my wife was there and that the Bible study went quietly and smoothly

Thanks. Michael.

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