A Chaotic Day 10th July 2014

Hi everyone,
Thursday was
chaotic. 15 people came through the doors. Three of whom were mentally
distressed and agitated and this did not help the mood of the others they ended
up leaving. One woman who I had visited in psych hospital had just been
released and came to see me.
Another guy
who was bad mentally I encouraged to sit outside as he was not in the state of
mind to be with people. However he later came in and then caused quite a bit of
As usual I
kept to my plan and forged ahead with Bible study and people participated ,
praise God. It was still a chaotic time.

There was
also one new person who attended.
Please continue to pray for the group as clearly prayer in needed and crucial for this ministry.
God was gracious in that he brought so many people along and we did manage to get through Bible study together. Pray that God’s word will transform their lives.

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