2020 Begins

Tuesday 4th February SHUM began for 2020. Thanks to God as he once again provided for this ministry. Not only did God provide a group for February but our first night back was a busy one. With many people new and old stopping by to speak to us. One fellow whom we met also turned up for the Thursday Bible study that week. Praise God that he continues to work through us at Central station.

Thursday the 6th February was a first Thursday Bible study for the year. Normally it takes a week or two for people to realise we have returned. However this Thursday saw 16 people attend with 3 people attending for the first time. Please pray for one person who was not going well mentally and decided not to stay and left saying he could not find a seat.

Praise God that Thursday went relatively smoothly despite the council turning of the power for the time that we met. I was able to negotiate with them some time so we could cook and heat up food and store hot water for coffee and tea. God was indeed in control and provided in so many ways. Praise God.

Thanks for your prayers. Michael

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