A Tough day at the office? – Thursday 19th April 2012

Hi all, Thanks for your prayers. Today was a complicated tiring day. One guy who came with severe mental illness was there before I arrived at 11.00am, we start at 1.00pm. Someone form my Church had advised this guy, he could have an old PC which church is not using. When I heard this Straight away I was not happy with this for a number of reasons, even though the intentions were good. 1) If he gets a pc who is going to take him and the PC to his place, that will then fall to. 2) Thursday is a really bad day for this to happen. I am busy trying to organise the people who come, lunch, get lunch ready, lead some praise songs, get through a Bible discussion and have group prayer. It is not time to be chasing a PC. This format needs to continue and the focus of our meetings kept to this pattern so people are used to this Hence if you tell someone , with severe mental illness that they maybe getting a PC what do you think they will be focussed on all day, What will their questions be about all day 3) Of course the bad thing did happen he could not get the PC today. Guess who is left to deal with that. For the next 1.5 hours he argued with me told me off and I was left to try and reason and be stern with him. I prayed about this during this time and God was gracious and by 1.00pm lunch I served and he settled down. He even stayed for the study and prayed during group prayer. Praise God. 9 people attended the Bible discussion today. Eva from Tuesday night also showed up to my amazement. God is indeed sovereign and gracious. We were missing a few regulars today please pray they will return safely. Just when we had finished for the afternoon someone slipped into have a shower next to the hall where we were meeting. I then had to wait another 30mins for this person to finish and have some words with them. This person turned out to be someone I know. She wanted to give me a bit of attitude but I stopped her straight away. She knows I have helped her out many times and also knows, I am sure, she just cannot come into Church walk around and start to use everything without asking. She was fine with what I told her but was trying to be cute about her actions and tried to laugh things off. There is always a thin line between love and loving discipline. 10 minutes later I had a meeting with the one of the youth leaders of our Church. Some days are just hard work, which just goes to show that ministry always will need plenty of prayer. However in the midst of the chaos God’s hand and gracious love is also seen. -The guy who was upset calmed down and later apologised to me. He even stayed and participated in Bible study and prayer. -One new person came today from Tuesday night’s invitations. ( I did not expect she could even remember) -I had previously organised Derek to take the Bible study which today freed me up a little to deal with the other issues occurring Please continue to pray for this ministry Thanks Michael

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