Thursday – A hectic day 18th June 2015

Thanks for your
Thursday began with me spending the morning at St Vincents hospital visiting some
who had  recently
been admitted. One of the people I visited, I found out through a woman on
night during SHUM that he was terminally ill. She asked me to go see him because he does not have long
 I had met this
man on the street many years ago and he had attended various events I run. I rang him on
Wednesday and then visited  him
yesterday morning. I don’t think he has long left, probably weeks. He believes,
and is trying to get closure with
fractured relationships and family.
Please pray for
I then rushed over
to prepare for lunch and Bible study. We had just enough lunch as 16
came through the
doors. It was very busy.
God was gracious and
with such a large group many things can get out of hand easily. However they
fairly well behaved
and listened and participated in Bible study. We also had one woman who attended for the first time yesterday she was brought by a guy who attended for the first time last week.

Thanks and please continue to pray for the group

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